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Callie Wiesman, Writer

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I went to my first real concert last month: a double headliner at the Rave in Milwaukee, featuring Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre with Cemetery Sun opening. The performances of the two groups surpassed my expectations. I knew that both of the groups were good at performing and singing as I have watched many live videos posted on Youtube, but they both just had such a strong presence on the stage. I knew I was in for a good time; I really like Vinyl Theatre, and Finish Ticket is now tied for my favorite group. This whole experience, though, has made me feel like a different person.

Going into the concert, I had never heard of Cemetery Sun, but I am now sad that I cannot find their music on Spotify. They have a really good genre, and their performance was awesome. Though they were smaller than both of the headliners, they looked as though they were putting on a show for thousands. I even got to meet them after the concert, and they were really nice and seemed to enjoy making conversation with their fans. It was cool seeing and meeting a really small group that you like; finding new good music can be hard sometimes.

One of the headlining groups, Vinyl Theatre, is actually originally from Milwaukee, so that made it even cooler than it was to start with. They performed really well and the lead singer, Keegan, was absolutely amazing on guitar and vocals. During the show, the singer occasionally talks between songs, and at one point he mentioned how he saw many familiar faces. For someone on a tour to be able to say something like makes the crowd feel important. Not only does he care and want to get to know people who support him, but his fans are awesome and keep going to more concerts to support their success. This made the crowd amazing; almost everyone was nice, and just wanted to see their idols perform, like I did.

Finish Ticket. If you have ever seen them live, nothing else really needs to be said. They owned the stage and their energy was fueling the crowd into a moshpit of alternative indie rock love. As they play with so much passion, it is easily seen how much this group loves what they do. Not only did they play some of the fan favorites from their albums, but they played a cover of a song by The Killers. The lead singer, Brendan Hoye, explained after how he thought it was cool we liked hearing him play songs like that; he said that The Killers are one of his favorite groups, and that his style has formed from bands he listened to.

Meanwhile, everyone in the crowd was thinking about how cool this band is and that they shared a personal favorite song like that. After the concert the groups were out talking to fans, and I had the opportunity to meet them. We didn’t talk much, as my social skills faltered a bit, but they were nice. They all said hi and were taking pictures and signing autographs. After my friend and I got our picture taken, they thanked us before we could even thank them. They were really genuine and so happy to meet fans; it was really cool to see how happy they were to talk to the people they mean so much to.

Overall, I would rate the concert an it-blew-me-away out of ten. I enjoyed it so much and I cannot wait to go to another one of their concerts and see what else they have coming for music in the future.

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