Friday Night Shift

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Friday Night Shift

Black and Tan Lounge in Downtown GreenBay Wisconsin

Black and Tan Lounge in Downtown GreenBay Wisconsin

Black and Tan Lounge in Downtown GreenBay Wisconsin

Black and Tan Lounge in Downtown GreenBay Wisconsin

Tyniqua Smith

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carolyn-and-wyattWisconsin Native Carolyn Kuether (Key-ther) and her husband UW Stevens-Point graduate Wyatt Kuether, both well-known in the film industry, opened up a program for youth in the foster care system. Offering their students many opportunities, from filming their own TV show to hosting their own events, one for example being the Friday Night Shift.

 Wyatt and Carolyn came up with the idea of combining gardening and film making through their work in the film industry and Carolyn’s background of growing up on Rawhide Boys Ranch, located in New London.

“My parents were house parents, my dad ran the car program for a little while, and that was my “norm,” having tons of foster brothers,” Carolyn says.

The pair opened up the The Production Farm for fostering youth in the Green Bay foster care system. Teens film themselves learning how to garden, ultimately for a TV show that will appear on Public Access in the fall.  

This dynamic duo has created a bond with the group of teenagers that make up The Production Farm. They all have different walks of life, but  meet on one common ground and foster care is that thread.

“Our huge goal is to instill self-worth and confidence in youth because once an individual realizes that they matter, it opens up a window of opportunity in their life.” Carolyn says.

When asked if Carolyn had learned anything from this group of teens she responded, “Oh, yeah definitely, every single day. I go to class every single week expecting to teach something and at the end of the night I walk away thinking ‘Man! This group is incredible,’ for example, we let them steer the ship on Season 2 of the show, and they came up with the idea of teaching others how to garden.”

Carolyn explains that that had not been the idea that she was thinking of. She expected the teens to just stick to expanding their gardens, but instead they want to go out and help others.

Their latest project goes by the name of Night Shift, which is held in the Black and Tan restaurant,also located in the Bellin Building. It is held on Friday nights from 7:30-10:00 with the resturant and 10:30 till close for just the bar. They showcase many local talents; they have had many artists, such as Shawn Connelly. They even have open-mic nights from time to time which allows anyone with a music talent to come down and showcase it.

Anyone is welcome at the Friday Night Shift.

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