The Brain Drain of World Language

Second hour Spanish 4 class practices learning new course material. Photo by Brody Maroszek

Second hour Spanish 4 class practices learning new course material. Photo by Brody Maroszek

Brody Maroszek

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Bay Port High School offers several world languages for students to take. Spanish classes are considered to be one of the most popular of the languages accessible to students, as it has the most levels of classes.

“I took Spanish 1 through 4 [as a student] here at Bay Port, and I did Bay View Spanish as well,” Kory Baker, who now teaches Spanish at Bay Port, said.

For senior Anika Van Rossum, AP Language is the most difficult class which takes English skills into a deeper level. “The AP test was super hard and you have to write an essay every week,” Van Rossum said.

For any student who knows one language only, any class that deepens the thinking and learning processes of that one language can be a struggle.

“I know that I get less attention from my lower level Spanish classes, so I constantly have to be switching activities and engaging them,” Baker said. This is because lower levels of Spanish classes are filled with students who are learning the beginning steps to Spanish. They get frustrated and sometimes are less willing to give their full attention.

As with any class, the teacher plays a role on the performance of students, as they are the ones giving information. It does not only matter, however, whether the teacher is strict; it matters if the teacher can explain information in ways that the students in the class understand.

“Mr. Leland is an AP Language teacher and he is super intense,” Van Rossum said.

Academics are a hard part in any high schoolers life. World Languages are completely different techniques and styles of learning which concludes why students struggle as much as they do in lower-level classes as they are less experienced.

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