Part-time work can be positive experience for students

La Java roasting house as a great first job

La Java roasting house as a great first job

Autumn Arbour

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Having a job in high school can be difficult, but sophomore Sydney Farr knows the advantages and disadvantages.

Sydney works at the La Java located on Cardinal lane, as a barista. She has been working there for little under a year now.

During the school week she averages about two days and works just about every weekend.

Sydney talks about the disadvantages of the stress of having to work along with having school and sports. She explains how businesses are usually accommodating with changing your schedule around extracurriculars.

On the other hand, she recommends getting a part-time job in high school so that you can pay for your car or food without always having to ask your parents for money. She enjoys the freedom of having her own money to spend.

Sydney’s mom says that she is glad that Sydney wanted to go out a get a job, but sometimes it can be hard because Sydney cannot drive yet, so she depends on her for rides.

Working at La Java has taught Sydney more about the skills it takes to make all the different coffee drinks. She has always enjoyed learning how to create new foods and drinks. Working has also taught her a lot about customer service and dealing with different people every day.

She says, “I like working with people that go to the same school as me, and I like serving coffee to people.”

She encourages everyone to get a job in high school because you can meet so many new people and learn good life lessons. She says that although it can get stressful and boring at times it is worth having your own money. You never know, it could help you discover what you want to do when you are older.

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