A Time To Make The Horror Come Alive

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A Time To Make The Horror Come Alive

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As the Fall Play Nosferatu is approaching many actors and crew are quickly getting things accomplished as many dress rehearsals have shown their successful effort.

Inspired by the 1922 silent horror film, the story tells of Count Orlok and the chaos he brings to the small town of Wisborg, Germany.

Retired Family and Consumer Education teacher Janie Timm is the costume director for the fall plays and spring musicals at Bay Port.

“Dress rehearsals are always stressful, always complicated,” she said. “That’s the big time I look for what changes need to be made in costumes, makeup, how much the audience can see the face versus what I design and what the actors are doing.”

The demands of this production posed unique challenges.

“It is like nothing we’ve ever done here at Bay Port before,” Jaclyn Beattie, fall play director said.

The crew had to make sure costume checks were accurate and that makeup and hair were appropriate for time period, as it was more on the creepy side of acting as compared to previous fall plays.

Other challenges within the play, for example, were how well the vampire teeth fit and mold to the actors’ teeth and making sure the blood capsules supply was sufficient yet fit within the play’s budget.

Dress rehearsal was a chance to make sure the entire production was on point to show how the crew can fix certain things efficiently before the time the curtain pulled the night of November 3.  

Actors were on board pursuing their roles, as they hit the stage.

Junior Abby Frank, who played one of the townsfolk, said, “I think that the play is different, which causes us to all be more lively off set because it’s so grim when we’re acting.”

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