Years of coaching in jeopardy of being wasted

Ryan Georgia

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The future of Bay Port Bowling may be in jeopardy. It is not because of not having a facility to use, nor is it because of not having enough players to make a team. This is Jerome Polarek’s thirteenth season as coach which raises the question: “Why would he remain coach for such a long period of time?”

Answering that question requires a series of intriguing questions that ventures into the personal mind of Polarek.

Polarek started his coaching career in fall of 2003 which, coincidentally, was his son, Adam’s, freshman year of high school. Polarek claims that this had no correlation to his beginning coaching.

Let’s take a look at Polarek’s past. He grew up in a family that didn’t know very much about bowling. It was the 60’s, which was during the heyday of bowling. This fact naturally attracted him into the sport.

He always knew that he would make achievements in bowling but never once as a young child thought about coaching. “I want to continue coaching until I cannot walk anymore. And even after that I’d probably have someone pushing me around in a wheelchair so I could coach the kids,” Polarek said.

When life revolves around the bowling alley because you are the owner’s husband you learn to treat the business as if it is your home away from home. This is also true for many employees of Village (including myself).

Polarek’s health is dwindling.

It began as a common cold that would not go away and has evolved into a rigid virus that the body is turning into. His wife Tami agrees that this may be detrimental to his career.

Polarek’s “students” would not know how to continue the winning ways of BP Bowling without him. His ability to teach the sport compares to no other.

BP Bowling member Jason Huben said, “Jerry has so many state championships coaching the team that you could write a novel on each season’s victory.”

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