Before 7am

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Before 7am

Tabby J. Ward

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Most students get up so early to make it to school, that the sun is just waking up when they head out the door.

It’s a rush once the doors to the bus open.

Some students stick to their lockers together until the bell rings.

Many kids just throw their backpacks on tables before heading out to meet with friends.

When you didn’t eat breakfast at home, the food staff has got your back!

In the early morning, some kids are exhausted enough to sleep on tables, but this student took it a step further.

There are the texters and the kids that need to complete forgotten homework from the night before….

Just a few guys trying to prove their dancing skills to the girls around them.

Trinity (sophomore) said, “Andrew was gonna get what’s coming to him.”

Friends saying goodbye. (Because it’s the “end of the world” to part for class time.)

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