Dude. Be nice.

Student Council inspires generosity with new twist on Spirit Week

Ta'Leah Van Sistine, Portside Editor

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           The search engine reads https://www.dudebenice.com/collections/all-styles, and brings viewers to the homepage for Dude. Be nice: an apparel website, which promotes, “inspiring people’s fashion AND lifestyle.” With Bay Port High School’s interpretation of Dude. Be nice. in mind, research of what the weekly events would enfold seemed misleading with the rows of clothes with the simple stamp of the company’s name. In scanning across the computer screen, however, the title “DBN Project” explains the discreet correlation between this apparel company, and the purpose that it wishes to promote.
Mike Smith is the founder and creator of Dude. Be nice. and Dude. Be nice. week, producing a platform that strives to partner with schools and communities to “identify a person or a group within the community who they want to say ‘Thanks’ to in a fun or creative way.” The page in particular features scrolls and scrolls of videos that commemorate individual members of various communities in an effort to place a spotlight on someone who may usually stand in the shadows.
To incorporate principles of kindness and generosity into our daily lives, Bay Port held their own Dude. Be nice. week from February 13 to the 16 in lieu of an official spirit week before the Snoball dance. Monday’s central event consisted of a large poster titled “Snoball ‘17: Dude. Be nice,” which awaited in the main entrance to the school. Students were encouraged to write motivational words or phrases such as “Always take the highway,” and “Let everything you do, be done in love.” Tuesday was “Wish athletes luck at their next events,” and in acknowledging the events of the entire week, student council member Mia Flynn recognized Tuesday as her favorite day because Student Council honored the Boy’s basketball team.
“I like the idea of the basketball game and appreciating the basketball team. During the game all the players gave their moms roses and then we also honored someone who goes to all the games! We gave him a signed basketball,” Flynn said.
Progression into the week prompted the participation of more and more students as those who were not a part of Student Council acquired the kind aura that Dude. Be nice. created. Wednesday gave students the challenge to “Thank someone in your community for all that they do,” and Thursday ended the week with “Thank a staff member.” For Student Council’s contribution to the final day, they complimented the lunch faculty. Char Wilinski, one of the faculty members, happily revealed the kindness that was posed to them.
“They made us all cards with very nice messages in them, and they gave us all roses. It made me feel awesome!” Wilinski said.
Such genuine acts of humanity also shaped Wilinski’s view of the Dude. Be nice. project overall.
“It’s very good! It’s very…optimistic!”
Although encouraged student participation ended on Thursday, Flynn explained that the Snoball dance held on Saturday continued to hold the Dude. Be nice. mission to high standards.
“We donated some of the profits to the Wisconsin Association of School Councils.”
Dude. Be nice. initially appears to be a clothesline with a minute purpose, but the aim of the Dude. Be nice. project is undeniably to connect with communities and schools: to connect through the art of committing to daily acts of kindness for those who may not often encounter compliments.
As Flynn stated, participants revealed that theme:
“People usually don’t do the spirit days, so this really encouraged people to participate … because you are appreciating people.”

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