The Phillips’ – 40 years and counting

Lukas Eggenberger

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It was in July of 1976 when Mike and Mikie Phillips first met. More precise on a blind date in western New York. In October of 1976, he proposed to her and in August of 1977 they were married. That such a quickly set up marriage was going to last this long was not a surprise though, explained Mr. Philips,“My parents were married forever and I was brought up to

believe that when you commit, you commit to the relationship and you find a way to make it work one way or another. If you can’t make it work or if you have any doubts then don’t even go there.”

None of them got to their current job on the direct way. Mrs. Phillips has an associates degree in nursing, and after she graduated from a community college in New York, she worked as a nurse for five years. Until their kids were in first grade, she was a stay at home mom. Before Mrs. Phillips got the job at our school in the year of 2000, she worked in a library in Virginia and a daycare in Wisconsin.

Mr. Phillips has a degree in mining engineering from UW-Platteville. For 20 years, he worked for an American drywall company. When the housing market went down and the company restructured, Mr. Phillips decided to leave. After working for two years for a company located in Green Bay, he decided to look into owning his own manufacturing business; however, the process was taking longer than expected. After reading an article about a shortage of substitute teachers, Mr. Phillips decided to apply and got hired at our school. He later got the chance to participate in some summer classes in order of becoming a tech-ed teacher.

They started planning their retirement couple years ago. Mrs. and Mr. Phillips first thought of retiring on their property in Nevada. But later on, they sold their land and decided to stay in Wisconsin. They are going to live on 120 acres in northern Wisconsin.

Although Mr. Phillips used to plan far ahead, he soon realized that their retirement is not all about that. “In my younger years when we were traveling across the nation, I could tell you what exit I would pass at what time during the day”, explained Mr. Phillips. This is what Mrs. Phillips is looking forward to, “Just not having that structure that you ‘be here be there whatever’, the flexibility.”

They soon realized that although they are going to be together, they can’t be together all the time. They are planning on spending time doing their own hobbies besides some activities like traveling or kayaking. Mrs. Phillips has a loft designated to her in which she plans on having a sewing and reading room. Mr. Phillips is looking forward doing woodworking in his wood shop and selling his products. “I’m still planning to do something that is going to give me a bit of an income like substitute teaching, cooking breakfast at the local restaurant on Sunday morning or maybe even a bartender.”, explained Mr. Phillips.

Right now they are finishing up their house up North which according to Mr. Phillips is going to be done in 2020. A long project, but a lot of time to work on it.


On behalf of all the students and staff of the Bay Port High School, we wish you a stress-free life full of success and happiness. Thank you for everything you have done for the school. Happy retirement!

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