Personal Finance Mandatory

Angela Furmaniak, Staff Writer

Many students will take traditional math classes such as calculus, algebra, and geometry. But many students will forget about a practical course that involves math that they will actually use in real life situations: personal finance.


Being financially stable is critical when it comes to becoming an adult. Having a budget to live within your means for everyday things like food, transportation and shelter are important.


“This class does provide a window into what it’s like to be an adult, at least an emerging adult. I think that a course like this is for juniors and seniors and should be required near the end of their high school career,” said Mr. Richards.


As high school students, we don’t normally think about retirement as something to start preparing for. Things that students should consider are jobs with pensions or; 401Ks. To help prepare for our future I believe that Bay Port High School should make personal finance a requirement.


Personal finance teaches students how to take out loans, the difference between all types of different loans, investing and paying taxes as well as learning how to budget. Without taking this class and not getting a basic understanding of financial knowledge, students will leave this school will feel unprepared.


Having personal finance as a requirement to graduate would increase the likelihood that they’d have a high credit scores in the future. The higher credit score translate to greater access to mortgages, loans as well as more employment opportunities.


Some people may argue that it should not be a requirement because parents should be teaching their children these things. But some students parents might not know how to teach those life skills and or they might not have that luxury.