Lax Fundraiser

Jackson VanDenElzen, Staff Writer

The Bay Port Lacrosse  season is quickly approaching and they need funding for the upcoming season for transportation and better equipment. Because of this need, the team has set up a GoFundMe page.


The goal for the team is to get family and friends to help them raise $8,000 to help pay for the necessities of the season.


“The team needs as much help as we can get,” said Sam Gustafson. “Since we are considered a club team, the only thing we get from the school is field time and gym space, which is usually very limited.”


The team is coming off of a season where they went 15-3. They lost in the playoffs last year ending the season shorter than they would have hoped.


If interested in donating, please visit the Bay Port Lacrosse GoFundMe page.


Included is a link to the page directly.