Popular Halloween Costumes 2021 Edition


Halloween is coming up, so Portside put out a poll asking, what Halloween costumes do you think are going to be popular this year? 

There were a lot of people who mentioned COVID-19 or lockdown related subjects. One recipient said costumes such as a parent working from home on a call with half work clothes and half pajamas on. Although that may be a bit too cold for that. Some also mentioned hand sanitizer and masks. With everything that has happened over the past two years, any COVID related costume makes sense.

Another costume that may be more popular than usual this year is Michael Meyers, the antagonist from the Halloween movie series. With a new movie that has hit theaters, more people might pick up the costume and roam the streets in Michael’s signature white mask and coveralls.

“Recent Marvel costumes such as Wanda Maximoff, Loki, Black Panther, Vision, Captain America, Falcon [are popular],” one recipient said. “I also worked at a summer camp and on our dress up day and we had some kids dress up as animals like kangaroos, and cats.”

There were a few people who talked about Disney costumes such as Elsa from Frozen, Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, and a recent movie that came out, Cruella. 

Over 50 percent of people that sent in a response, mentioned dressing up as a Squid Games worker or player. This is no surprise because it has been a popular hit since the night it came out. 

The show has so much influence that internet searches for the term “red jumpsuit” jumped up 170 percent since the show’s release. With some websites and stores selling out of the costume, people will probably see many dressed up as characters from the show on Halloween night. 

Two people went with the political route, and mentioned Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders wearing mittens.

Another popular answer that was sent in was Among Us imposter/crewmate.

“Even though the game is not as popular as it was, a lot of younger people still play the game so I think there will be a decent amount of people dressed up as that,” one recipient said.

As expected, there will be the usual and typical costumes that you see every year, such as superheroes and horror movie characters; however, don’t be too surprised when Squid Game characters and Among Us characters are seen walking around the neighborhood come Oct. 31.