Ta’Leah Van Sistine
Through writing stories, I find it fascinating that hidden concepts can be revealed—the unnoticed characters become noticed, and people learn to comprehend different perspectives. It is this idea that drives my passion for journalism. I admire the capture of unexpected opinions, and someday, I hope to magnify those who differ from the ordinary through a journalism career. Although my motivation to continue this personal duty of mine is ceaseless, I am also a proud introvert. This label often presents itself as a challenge when I interview complete strangers, but being an aspiring journalist has also taught me one of the most important observations that life can offer: each individual is a person. A famous musician, previous Wisconsin Poet-Laureate, teacher, renowned author, or fellow student—they all individually represent a singular piece of humanity, and are nothing more, nothing less. The moment that we, as journalists, realize that the people that we are talking to are people, the interviews transform into conversations and a light is shed on the unordinary.

ta'leah van sistine, Managing Editor

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