Overpopulation of HSSD will force district to split

The population of the Howard-Suamico School District has reached an enrollment that is too large to remain one district. Because of this, the two villages will be split into two districts starting next school year.

“After much consideration, we have decided that this would be the best time for our districts to part ways,” Superintendent Damian LaCroix said.

To make this possible, all schools north of Linville Road will now be considered part of the Suamico District and south be part of the Howard District.

To accommodate the large number of students, Howard High School will be built on Lineville Road across from Lineville Intermediate School. A new elementary school will need to be built on the Howard side as well.

The current schools will be reassigned to accommodate the needs of the districts. To do this elementary schools will house grades K-5, middle schools will house grades 6-8. Current intermediate school, Lineville, will now be the middle school for the Suamico District and Bay View will remain the middle school for the Howard District.

“The reallocation of grades at already existing schools will allow this change to happen quickly,” LaCroix siad.

For the first five years, the two high schools will remain connected for athletics, so sports facilities will not need to be added to Howard High School right away.

As for the staffing, some of the teachers from Bay Port will move to Howard High School, and the existing teachers at Bay View and Linville will stay in their buildings and adjust to their new student body. More teaching staff will also be added to each school.

The Suamico District will keep the name of the Bay Port and Pirates, while Howard High School will host a new mascot, the Cowboys – the pirates of land.

Some students are happy about the changes, others wish things would stay the same.

“I’m glad that I live in Suamico, so I can continue to go to Bay Port and be a Pirate,” Bay Port sophomore Riker Thomson said.

“I don’t like that I will have to be split up from my friends when I will have to move to the new high school,” future Howard High freshman Maria Smith said.

*Satirical Article*