Life of an extrovert; life of an introvert

Two students share their individual stories


Hannah and Myah share their stories about being extrovert and introvert.

Hailey Brunette

“I hate awkward silence,” Bay Port senior Hannah Varghese said. Hannah is a self-proclaimed extrovert, but she wasn’t always so talkative and outgoing.

Not many people get the chance to take a glance into the lives of people different from themselves and living as an extrovert isn’t something everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. Here is an opportunity to get a better understanding as to what it’s like being an extrovert from the perspective of a 17 year old Bay Port student.

“When I’m with a group of people I’m the one who talks mostly because I don’t like when the atmosphere is awkward. I hate awkward silence,” Bay Port senior Hannah Varghese said. 

The word extrovert is defined as a gregarious, unreserved, and expressive person. There’s a great chance someone comes to mind that matches this description, and that person may be yourself. That’s the case for Hannah, although it hasn’t always been that way.

“When I was younger I was really shy, but I learned to not be like that,” Hannah said. “Around first grade I missed a halloween party at school because I was too afraid to speak up.”

Missing the party was one of the reasons Hannah mentioned as to why she began to take on a more extroverted role. 

“[Being an extrovert] helps me talk to people and make more connections, and I think people find me more welcoming. A bad part of being an extrovert might be that I talk when I’m not supposed to,” Hannah said.

Day to day life for an extrovert usually looks a lot different when compared to the lives of those who tend to be more introverted. Willingly talking to people she doesn’t know in places like school or church is not out of the ordinary for Hannah. If she doesn’t know the people around her she makes an effort to start conversation by introducing herself or telling a joke.

Even extroverts have people they prefer to not spend much time with, and have their own ways of recharging from spending time with them.

“I am careful about my time spent with certain people who usually drain me more because of their drama and things like that,” Hannah said. “To recharge I do things that I like, listening to music, watching movies and TV, and reading my comics.”

Being an extrovert doesn’t mean you’re always confident. Sometimes people may dismiss other people who are different from them, but they still have the same emotions and struggles. 

“I still get scared of what other people think because that’s a normal thing; I still struggle with it,” Hannah said. “I’ve been getting better at saying what I truly feel but I feel like I’ve always been true to who I am.”

A self proclaimed people person, Hannah understands that not everyone is like her. She believes that people should just be themselves and do what they feel comfortable with. She also thinks that it doesn’t matter if you’re more of an extrovert or more of an introvert, as long as you are happy.

“Don’t feel like there is a certain way to be because everyone is different and that’s okay,” Hannah said.

While introverts and extroverts are different in a multitude of ways, there are still some things that connect them. Introverts may not enjoy being around people as much as extroverts do, but Hannah believes that needing other people is a part of our humanity.

“I feel like we are made to have a community,” Hannah said. “I think as humans we need that because we can’t survive alone.”


“I feel as though sometimes I learn more from listening rather than discussing,” Bay Port senior Myah Balaproia said. She also shared that anxiety plays a role in the lives of many introverts.

It’s hard to know what’s running through the mind of an introvert, and despite their quiet nature, it’s usually quite a lot. Introverts seldom seek out conversation, but those who are lucky enough to speak with an introvert are speaking with someone who is likely more creative than most extroverts and a great listener. 

“During a discussion I can listen to others’ ideas and appreciate them,” Bay Port senior Myah Balaporia said. “I feel as though sometimes I learn more from listening rather than discussing.”

While being an introvert has its perks it also comes with other negative aspects. Anxiety plays a role in the lives of many introverts, and it only makes socializing all the more troublesome. 

“Whenever I have to talk to anyone who is considered a stranger to me I feel like I have to recite [in my head] whatever it is I’m going to say many times before the actual conversation,” Myah said. “Doing this also makes me upset and then leads to anxiety sometimes.”

It can be hard to tell whether or not an introvert is looking to have a conversation with someone. Although not all introverts struggle as much with confidence in social settings, finding the courage to start a conversation tends to be a common battle among introverts. 

“I find it hard to be the first person to initiate a conversation or make friends,” Myah said. “I’m always the one waiting for others to talk to me before I talk to them.”

The longer she’s been an introvert the harder Myah feels it is to break some of her habits. Even during times when she wants to talk or make friends she finds it difficult to break out of her cycle of waiting for others to speak to her first.

Recharging is an important part of living as an introvert. After spending time with people introverts require time alone to get back to feeling energized and like themselves. There are a variety of things that introverts spend their time doing when they are recharging on their own. 

“[When I’m alone] I listen to music, watch movies or whatever tv show, and play the piano,” Myah said.

While extroverts and introverts have their differences and separate advantages and disadvantages, both have the ability to learn and grow from each other. More importantly they have the ability to appreciate and respect each other. Myah expressed her admiration for extroverts’ ability to easily speak with others. 

“I hope extroverts know that it’s a real gift to be able to just talk to people. Even though it may seem so easy and something people just do every day, there are people who just don’t know how to do it without practicing it ten times in their head or overthinking it,” Myah said. “The fact that it’s something that seems so easy, is what makes it that much harder to do.”