Acting on a new level

There are many theatrical opportunities at Bay Port, however, there is one extracurricular that seems to remain less advertised to students looking to be involved in the theater program. One Act is a short play that is taken to competition and critiqued by a panel of judges selected by the WHSFA (Wisconsin High School Forensic Association), which is an organization dedicated to theater programs in high schools. It offers students the opportunity to advance in their group and individual acting skills. The cast and crew of One Act currently consists of 22 students, ranging from Freshman to Senior, however, the team is still looking to grow in future years.


“It takes courageous actors because they’ll get lots of feedback, not just about what they’re doing well, but also on all of the stuff they’re not doing well. It’s a really great opportunity for students to grow.” said Pam Belden, co-director with Ryan Leland for the One Act team.


“My favorite part about One Act is to see a transformation from the beginning of the season to the end, which in and of itself is a really short season. Shorter than sports teams or even the musical would have. We progress really well, really quickly.” said Leland. The One Act season at Bay Port is about two and a half months, beginning in September and ending in the middle of November.


This year, the One Act play is called #Censored. The play follows eight main characters and how a painting affects them and everyone around them. It incorporates the issue of censorship, challenging the viewer to question their own views.

After performing the play at the first two levels of competition, judges have decided that Bay Port has advanced to State level, and will perform at Viterbo University, LaCrosse.


On Nov. 26, One Act will be performing for the public. There will be shows at 3:00 and at 6:30. The public performance gives the members an opportunity to have fun doing what they love without the pressure of being professionally critiqued.


“I love being in One Act. Everyone gets really close, and we all become good friends. It’s like a little family.” said actress Jaden Toole.