Teacher predicts five of six snow days

Craig Buchinger becomes Bay Port’s own weather aficionado


This year there have been record amounts of inclement weather cancellation days, five to be exact. Or one entire week of school.


When there might be a cancellation, the first spot many staff members and students look at is the Twitter of biology teacher Mr. Craig Buchinger. Buchinger has made a name for himself by predicting cancellations that may come for the Howard Suamico School District.


“I don’t remember exactly what year it was when I started predicting,” said Buchinger. “It was probably about eight to 10 years ago though.”


Buchinger has a meteorology background that leads back to when he was just a young kid living in Kaukauna.


“I can remember being a kid and liking storms and the weather and snow days,” said Buchinger. “I actually almost went to college to become a meteorologist.”


Buchinger added he doesn’t regret changing his mind to become a high school science teacher and loves what he does. He still finds time though, to keep his eye on the weather.


“I look into the upcoming weather every day,” said Buchinger. “People can ask me what the weather is going to be like tomorrow or five days from now, and I’m usually going to have a pretty good idea.”


Buchinger has predicted correctly all five of the snow days this school year, with only one wrong prediction on Jan. 23.


The weather aficionado recalls one of his first and best predictions, where he predicted a snow day about two weeks in advance.


“After reading about a major storm storm, just jokingly, I told Mr. Frieder that we were going to have a snow day in like 16 days,” said Buchinger. “We did have a snow day on the exact day I predicted. We got like 14 inches of snow.”


This winter has certainly been a strange one.

“We hardly had any snow or any cold all of December,” said Buchinger. “So having five cancellations in three weeks is something I can’t remember us ever having.”


Stay tuned to @bayportside on Twitter to keep an eye on Mr. Buchinger’s prediction percentage this school year.


To see Mr. Buchinger’s predictions go to the “Best Teacher Twitter” voted by the students of Bay Port, @MrBuchinger. So many people are probably wondering if there will be any more snow days this school year, and Buchinger thinks there might be.


“If you look back at history, there usually are some cancellations in late February or early March,” said Buchinger. “The odds are that we will have more.”