School shootings getting closer to home

Incidents at Oshkosh, Waukesha alert HSSD to realities of school violence

Emily Zellner, Editor

In the past couple of weeks Wisconsin has seen more violent threats and shootings. On December 2 at Waukesha South High School, a student aimed a pellet gun at the school resource officer, who shot the student.
The next day a student at Oshkosh West High School stabbed the school resource officer, who also shot the student. All involved are expected to recover. Eight schools across Wisconsin the week of those incidents had threats about what could of been another school shooting.
In response to what could be a shooting, Bay Port has taken steps to reinforce the district’s intruder policy. Administration held a staff meeting after school on December 3 to review the plan in the event of a shooting in our school.
They covered things like what to do if a staff member or student thinks someone has a weapon. They reviewed with staff what to do in these cases, including staying vigilant.
“Safety of our students and staff is a top priority in the Howard-Suamico School District,” said Superintendent Damian LaCroix in a communication to families of the HSSD.
LaCroix talked about the different resources that are offered for Bay Port students and staff members. Some of the resources are having a strong partnership with our local law enforcement, training staff in the ALICE response procedure, holding crisis management team meetings, utilizing SchoolMessenger mass notification system, holding regularly scheduled safety drills for students and staff, installing cameras at all schools in and out, and implementing RAPTOR.
RAPTOR is a new system that is set up in the main offices of all district schools. Visitors to the buildings must have a background check on file. If the visitor does not pass the background check then they are unable to come into the schools.
School shootings will never not be a problem, according to a New York Times article on November 14.
“Across the country this year, according to media reports, at least 11 shootings have taken place on American high school or college campuses…and school officials and law enforcement agencies have responded to dozens more credible threats of attacks.”
It never hurts to know what the protocol is and what to do if students hear about someone having a weapon. The fear of a school shooting happening at Bay Port is a reality for many staff and students.
Officer Hackett, Bay Port’s school resource officer is always available to report information.