What America needs in the next presidency, election

Preston Cedergren, Editor

With the 2020 election in America’s scope and the campaigns already in full force almost a year prior to the election, we may soon be on a more progressive path. That is if Trump’s impressive brainwashing schemes don’t ‘win’ him another election.
At this point, we are well past just sharing our opinions on the President; he obviously has done a bunch of senseless acts as president and many ‘supporters’ are just too scared to let their pride go. These people need to admit that he has made some mistakes and choices that a president should not.
The nature of division that Trump emits has set our country back years. The line between republican and democrat has become a chasm, polarizing people more staunchly into one classification or the other. A moderate, open-minded politician doesn’t sit on either side, at least publicly. Many democrats and republicans are too scared to take stances on opposite sides because their ego is larger than the Empire State Building. This is no way to make progress as a country, and for our next president, we need someone who is going to fix this. That person isn’t in clear sight yet.
Policies and ideals of the candidates are only a small part of the puzzle; the major question for candidates is: how are they going to bring the country back together? This doesn’t happen by attacking others during debates or over Twitter, but by addressing the issues, sharing a plan, and explaining how it will be done.
However, for policies, there does need to be a drastic change. The most important thing is healthcare for all. In 2018, 27.5 million people went without healthcare. That is just absurd. Healthcare needs to be a right for citizens, not just a privilege, and I think that is common sense. We need to get back on track with affordable healthcare. It was going in the right direction with former President Obama but has since gone backwards with the current presidency.
A candidate needs to step forward who wants to work for the American people, not just for themselves, corporations, or against someone else. The improvement of life for Americans should always be the number one goal of a politician, not just self-serving abuse of their power.
President Obama said in his 2004 Democratic Convention speech, “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is the United States of America. There is not a black America, a white America, a Latino America, an Asian America. There’s the United States of America. We are and will always be, the United States of America.”
This is the type of leadership we need, not just in the next president or the next elected official, but in every elected public servant in the future of our country.
It starts with you, the voter; do your research, and find what suits your beliefs. Most importantly ask yourself this at the polls – Is this person going to lead our country back into unity between political parties, religions and different demographics for the betterment of all citizens?