BLM has no place in politics

BLM has no place in politics

Hailey Brunette

“I don’t assume someone’s political party if they don’t support Black Lives Matter, I just assume that they’re racist,” Bay Port student Maria* said. The reality is that black lives matter is not political. People who don’t agree with a movement to provide justice, equality, and safety for people of color aren’t Republican or Democratic, they’re racists. 

The partition in American Politics has divided our country since as early as 1790. Political parties will likely always be a part of American politics, but at some point over the years many people seem to have lost their morals and in turn become slaves to the beliefs of their party. The Black Lives Matter movement, BLM, has somehow made its way from a moral we should all share, to a political opinion. 

In the current political climate individual thought often feels discouraging. In many cases, political parties act as a hive mind. Each separate party shares one mind with all of its members, broadcasting the same thoughts and ideas into their heads, dictating their values. 

“Black Lives Matter should be important to everybody because it’s people’s lives and safety at stake,” Maria said. 

Anyone who values the lives of others, and whose morals do not support the murder or mistreatment of another human being, innocent or not, should be in support of the movement. When someone is killed the first question asked should not be “why did they deserve to die?”

BLM is not only an organization or one specific group of people. BLM is a movement supported by anyone who wishes to no longer witness and/or experience injustice and murder. It is a step toward a better and more just society.

“I feel like Black Lives Matter has become a political statement because of political leaders being racist and people follow and believe in what they do no matter what,” said Maria. 

In a year like 2020, we need a president who can unify the American people, one that doesn’t turn basic human rights into heated political debates. Racism is not a political problem. It’s a problem with the way we treat other people.

“Racism has been around for a long time,” said Maria. “Honestly I think it will be around for even longer still if it continues to spread through the beliefs and priorities of certain parties.” 

As protests and riots continue across the country, both parties continue to point fingers. People from each side have criticized activists for rioting, but similar situations broke out and even became somewhat necessary during the 1960 Civil Rights Movement. 

BLM is a movement that is so incredibly agreeable and positive that it’s infuriating for its supporters to see how many people won’t support the idea of treating people justly. This is unfortunately not something new. 

“African American people have always been fighting for their rights,” Maria said. “As a person of color I understand the type of discrimination that we receive, and ultimately I just wish everybody was treated fairly.”

*Name changed for privacy