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Jo Koy, no one is laughing


The glamorous atmosphere of the Golden Globes, a once-in-a-lifetime event for many, was immediately ruined by the “jokes” of comedian Jo Koy. With tensions high and stakes higher, the 81st annual Golden Globes were highly anticipated and highly disappointing. 

The Golden Globe Awards honor actors and actresses for American and international films and television. The ceremony is often compared to or associated with the Oscars or Emmys; however, it’s a completely different realm. In the entertainment industry, the Golden Globes are less important than the Oscars and Emmys, but it is still a highly regarded event. 

The 81st Golden Globes booked host Jo Koy 10 days before the event, which proved to be a mistake. 

Koy opened his set commenting on how difficult it was for him to finish the movie Oppenheimer.

“I just got one complaint: needed another hour,” Koy said.

After that comment, the camera turned to the unenthusiastic actors Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. 

“I just felt like it needed some more backstory,” Koy said. ”My New Year’s resolution for 2024 is to finish Oppenheimer in 2025.” 

Koy then targeted one of the evening’s major guests, artist Taylor Swift.

“The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? On the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift,” Koy said. 

Swift responded by taking a humorless sip from her drink.

One of the night’s most infuriating, flat-out misogynistic comments was toward Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking film, Barbie.

“Barbie is based on a plastic doll with big boobies,” Koy said. 

Koy undermines the entire point of the movie by deducing it to the exact things the movie hoped to fight against. 

After his jokes weren’t well received by the audience, he started to get defensive.

“Yo, I got the gig 10 days ago. You want a perfect monologue? Shut up. You’re kidding me, right? I wrote some of these, and they’re the ones you’re laughing at,” Koy said.

There was immediate hate from social media, many claiming he threw his writers under the bus, along with frustration over his distasteful comments. However, he continued to provide excuses for his behavior. 

“I’m telling a joke – what happened to society where we can’t even joke with each other anymore?” Koy said in regards to his sexist comment on Barbie.

Even after the initial backlash, Koy has still earned undeserved support from fellow comedians and award show hosts. 

The ceremony itself included some great moments, such as the actors of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse using their time on stage to honor the writers who  spent time on strike for a fair contract. Along with laugh-worthy instants, like Jennifer Lawrence sarcastically engaging with the audience.

However, none of the night’s laughs came from so-called “comedian” Jo Koy, the host receiving groans, stares, and boos from the audience at his objectifying jokes.

Koy represents just a small fraction of distaste and underlying sexism in Hollywood, and while his ill-prepared monologue may have dampened his reputation, he swears he wasn’t trying to be “mean.”

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