Sub par NYE resolution follow through


Millions of people make new year resolutions to make themselves a better person and create new healthy habits. 

The most common new year’s resolution is to exercise more, followed by losing weight, and saving more money. Although a lot of people make new year resolutions, most people don’t actually follow through with it most of the time. 

According to an article on the website Discover Happy Habits in 2019, only 7 percent of people actually went through with all of their resolutions and 19 percent of people went through with some of their resolutions. 

“I have made a new year’s resolution before,” senior Ty Grunwald said. “Most of the time it’s something like I’m going to work out more, eat better, or lose weight.” 

This year, Ty has a goal in mind which he thinks will help him stick better with his resolution.

“This year my new year’s resolution is that I want to budget my money better, so I can buy a new car,” Ty said. “It will be tough. A lot of stuff looks appealing, and it’s really easy to buy something when you have the money, but I just got to keep telling myself that getting a car is more important.”

There are many things someone can do to make sure they keep up with their new year’s resolutions. 

First, the goal needs to be realistic and attainable. Second, plan ahead to make sure the goals are met.  

For example, if a new year’s resolution is to lose more weight, then write out a plan that details the workout schedule. A list can help one remember why they are doing. 

Another great thing that people do to help them not drop their resolution is to do it with a friend. This tactic will make a person less likely to stop on their resolution goals for the new year since they don’t want to let the other person down.

Unfortunately, no matter the advice, millions of people end up failing their new year’s resolution. But have no fear, December will roll around again just in time for everyone to make a new resolution, and that one will probably fail too. It’s an endless cycle.