Mr. Bay Port celebrates 20 years on the stage

Bay Port’s annual guy pageant awards

Incredible, marvelous, hilarious, and a huge success, were just a few words that were used to describe the 20th annual Bay Port Guy Pageant, that was held on Jan 24.

“It was so funny and cute, I can’t believe I’ve never been to one before,” said Junior Trinity Kelly.

Each act was witty, entertaining, and quite memorable as the crowd went wild with applause after every performance. The night’s set of seniors was made up of Ken Franks, Ryan Kemppainen, Trevor Winkel, Drew Abfall, Kane Nelson, Jackson Salmon, Zarvaan Balaporia, Teddy Lacy, and Joe Kleba.

The Mr. Bay Port crown went out to Zarvaan Balaporia, followed by Ryan Kemppainen as runner up, and Trevor Winkle as Mr. Congeniality.  

With many acts and dances, one of the top favorites of the night was Joe Kleba’s talent portion where he rapped an original song and sang Little Things by One Direction. In close second was Jackson Salmon’s Rock – Paper – Scissors act.

With a positive atmosphere, the boys where each other’s biggest fans.

“ One of my favorite parts of tonight was standing side-stage and watching all the other guys go, and dancing with each other,” said contestant Trevor Winkel. “We were all so positive with each other and having a good time jamming out to each other’s songs.”

This popular event is one of the many events from Bay Port’s DECA organization. The ceremony is a big fundraising opportunity for the club with the selling of tickets and the intermission bake sale.

Bay Port’s Guy Pageant continues to be a student favorite through the years, and an amazing opportunity for fellow students to come out and support each other.