The state of affairs of the State of Emergency

In the name of Liberty and Justice for some, the Head of State of the United States of America — that is, the President — has declared a “State of Emergency” in an effort to increase the productivity of the government’s Wall building campaign. President Trump stated in a press release that “I could do the Wall over a longer period of time. I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.”


This constitutional crisis was thus created by Trump for the sake of a productive, smooth, and harmonious building of the Wall, which has been designed so that millions of people will meet ultimate doom and horror as 6,000 McTurrets(TM) funnel their sights on a helpless minority.


This event is divisive — as walls tend to be — but it is not a deviation from the norm in any sense of the word. The status quo tends to be maintained by the State, and the status quo demands efficiency, not happiness.


As it stands, our political world is dependent on the idea that individuals have an essential worth. Who deserves rights? Who is less valuable? Americans, apparently, have the most worth.


In general this ‘emergency’ has obviously been fabricated. This is a naked exposure of tyrannical social structures. The Almighty Wall is the logical result of a system where all attention must be diverted towards some out-group. Distract the masses and you can sit comfortably in power.


Trump is mobilizing the American people. He is mobilizing them into a group, into a collective, into an object. He is romanticizing them while simultaneously destroying them. He is depriving them — rather, us — of our individuality. We are abandoning ourselves for some abstract ‘nation.’


The state of emergency is an exposed version of this society. Capitalism necessitates that we must stop viewing ourselves as individuals. ‘How can I force [X] group to work harder? How can I force [X] group to hate [Y] group?’ instead of ‘how can we ensure that each individual is content and fulfilled?’ Late-stage capitalism is falling off of a ladder, reaching for any wrung, grasping at air.


Our world is reaching its end. The ruling class is destroying us.


Will we let them?