New business ‘putting’ golf first all year round


Green Bay Indoor Golf is offering incentives for snowbird golfers to hang around for the winter. While many flock to temperate destinations in order to maintain their swing, Green Bay Indoor Golf located on Main St. on the east side of Green Bay, brings over a hundred unique destinations to Green Bay. 

“We have Utah, Hawaii, California, Florida, Arizona,” general manager Lisa Natrop said. “They are all golf courses around the world, most of them [in the] United States, none of them in Wisconsin.”

While traveling to such destinations is an amazing experience, good weather is never guaranteed, unlike indoor golf. 

“It’s never going to rain on you, never too hot or too windy, always a perfect temperature,” Natrop said. 

Natrop said their Appleton location, which has been open for three years, has been successful in offering such conditions to area golfers and encouraged them to expand. 

“Winters are long in Wisconsin, and so we kind of searched out the area and just felt like Green Bay would be a great place to come,” Natrop said. 

They offer a full bar, and 11 simulators, making them the largest facility in the area. A few are semi-private and able to host company events, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and other similar events. 

They also offer private lessons and adaptations that can greatly benefit beginners. 

“It’s not like being outside when you’re on the golf course and you’re losing your balls,” Natrop said. “We’ll set you up on the driving range, and it’s kind of like giving yourself your own lessons because all of our screens show you exactly how far you hit it or if you’re turning your club.”

In total the simulators can analyze about twelve different factors of a swing. However, private lessons are also available with experienced employees. 

“All of our reservations are done online. is our website and you just click on it, and you book your tee time,” Natrop said. “We don’t do anything in-house, everything is done online and is very simple to do.”

After only being open for a little over six weeks, Natrop says she already sees regulars.

“The Christmas holiday was amazing; it was great we had so many new people that came in and now they’re starting to come in more regularly,” Natrop said. 

To accommodate regulars they offer both monthly and annual memberships.

“I have some guys that are here at least five days a week to utilize their membership,” Natrop said. “That’s been a great way to meet people on a more personal note.”

Those who are interested in becoming more involved are welcome to join upcoming leagues being offered as well. 

“Right now we’re doing an introductory four week league in January, and then we’re going to start up again in February for an eight week league,” Natrop said. 

League nights are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and no matter the night, every two player team will be competing against one another. 

This is a great way to start preparing for the regular outdoor golf season. During which Natrop said, based on their Appleton location, they expect to see dropoff. 

“It drastically reduces, so we’ll reduce our hours to accommodate that and probably close a couple days,” Natrop said. “But then if it’s going to be rainy or hot outside we’ll open up, and post on Facebook, ‘Hey we’re going to be open today’.”

The new business is excited to be here and see that the community appears to be excited for them as well.

“It’s been great, the community has been amazing, the Chamber of Commerce has been wonderful,” Natrop said.

They even had a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony. Since then they’ve continued to receive love from the community, from local businesses, and word of mouth. 

They’re looking forward to the future, and always keep in mind the opportunity for new locations wherever they see the need.