Student preaches body positivity through her art


Stella Morris

This piece is just one of the many art pieces that Stella has worked on this past year. Throughout the past 10 months Stella has created over 25 art pieces and reached near 27,000 people through her social media platforms.

Alyssa Koska

Bay Port Junior Stella Morris spent her time in quarantine inspiring others and preaching body positivity. Stella has been passionate about art and the importance of self love from a young age. Her new business has a great impact on women and how they view their bodies, helping them feel more self confident and love themselves for who they are.  

“Since kindergarten, all my Christmas and birthday presents have been art related, that was the beginning of it all,” Stella said.

Stella’s love for art and involvement in DECA set her up for the perfect opportunity when she discovered a Tik Tok trend. The trend portrays the idea that everyone’s body is perfect and everyone deserves to love their body. Stella’s drawings involve colored pencil drawings of women’s bodies with many colors that form a gradient throughout.

“Body positivity and normalizing normal bodies has definitely become more mainstream, seeing the impact of putting my drawings of other women back out there creates that security of “my body isn’t different than everyone else’s” because there is this very constructed idea of what women should look like with society’s rules. I think when seeing a variety of bodies you feel like yours is still beautiful,” Stella said.

With Stella’s passion and ability, she was able to create an amazing environment for women along with helping others feel good about their bodies

“I never thought of doing art as a career or getting paid for it in any way. I wanted people to see it and I wanted people to love it, but I never had the idea of people wanting it themselves. I was looking to provide this for people but make sure the process was really secure and private. It was definitely a very new experience, but I was so excited. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and want to go into business, so this was the best of both worlds,” Stella said.

Throughout the past 10 months Stella has created over 25 art pieces and reached near 27,000 people through her social media platforms. What started as a small personal project became a great addition to society and women empowerment. 

As the business grew Stella knew she needed to create a stronger platform. She named her business AsterArt. The name of her business is extremely important to her, Aster is the flower of her birth month and also is derived from the Greek word for star. Her name being Stella she felt this was the perfect fit. Stella’s work can be found on Instagram and TikTok @theasterartist.

 “Feeling comfortable in my skin comes so naturally to me and I am so passionate about making other women feel that way. It doesn’t matter what anything else tells you, you’re gorgeous there’s nothing wrong with cellulite or these rolls on your body that’s beautiful. I have always been in awe of the woman’s body. It’s so beautiful no matter how it is” Stella said.

Stella is currently closing her orders to have time to finish up her past orders and find new inspiration for future pieces. She loves all types of art and cannot wait to expand her business.